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The Perks of Paraffin


paraffin locks and lashes

If you are looking to keep your hands and feet unseasonably soft during the coming wet and chilly west coast fall and winter months, you may want to consider a luxurious Paraffin wax manicure and pedicure.  This is a fairly inexpensive add-on, ($10/manicure, $15/pedicure) but well worth the added cost.

What is Paraffin?

Paraffin is a petroleum-based wax that stores heat exceptionally well and has great hydrating effects on skin.

paraffin tsawwassen

Did You Know…

Paraffin wax is a common option in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles.   The heat helps increase blood flow, relaxes muscles, improves joint stiffness and reduces pain.  It increases the skin’s elasticity, allowing for increased movement and mobility.  Paraffin wax has a low melting point (slightly cooler than your average latte) so it is ideal for extended skin immersion.

The Application…

At Locks & Lashes, Paraffin is applied to hands and feet through individual bags with single-size doses of wax.  This is known throughout the industry as the ‘ladle’ technique.  A paraffin bath is used to warm the wax and keep it in liquid form, but when it’s time to apply, the liquid wax is ‘ladled’ into disposable plastic liners and then the client’s hand/foot is inserted.  This is to ensure the highest level of sanitation within the salon.

How It Works…

The heated wax forms a coating over the surface of the skin that increases blood flow to the skin, opens up pores and stimulates detoxification.  As the wax hardens, the natural emollient softens the skin.  When the cooled wax is pulled away from the skin, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky smooth, refreshed and revitalized.

These treatments are extremely beneficial for dry, cracked hands and feet.  It is an excellent moisturizer because it forms a light waterproof coating over your skin that helps retain the natural oils produced by your body.  This ‘waterproofing’ is exceptionally soothing and offers protection from external elements.

So when you tire of the infinite grey, wet and dreary west coast winter days, treat yourself.  Your lil’ piggies deserve it.


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