The powder brow technique is achieved using a machine, not unlike one your tattoo artist would use. The result is a less harsh, more controllable colour in which we can tailor to the clients desired look. 

WHAT TO EXPECT – Overall it feels like little scratches. You may feel it, but it’s definitely not unbearable. We prep our clients’ brows with topical numbing cream and tops up throughout the process to dull the discomfort.

Results can last up to three years depending on the skin and lifestyle – some clients come back for touch-ups once every six months. The process usually requires an initial set up and first service, with follow up ‘perfecting’ services. We will do a consultation with you and discuss the options for your very own customized brow service that is just right for you.


$400 for first initial visit 

$100 touch up


3-6 months $100

6-9 months $150

9-12 months $200

12-18 months $250

Call for a consultation.

CLICK HERE for pre and

post care instructions.


Lash extensions - whether Classic or Volume - will  give you the lashes you've always wanted. From a half set to a royal set, hybrid or half sey volume to a full set of volume – we can provide you the treatment that will accomplish the ‘look’ you want to see yourself in, whether it’s lots of lashes, or a few well placed ones.

Half Set Classic

  • $80 • $50 fill

  • 50-60 lashes/eye 1 hour 30 min

Full Set Classic

  • $100 • $60 fill

  • 70-80 lashes/eye 1 hour 45 min

Royal Set

  • $125 • $70 fill

  • 90-100 lashes/eye 2 hours


Half Set Volume

  • $125 • $70 fill

  • 1 hour 30 min/1 hour fill

Full Set Volume

  • $150 • $80 fill

  • 2 hours/ 1 hour 15 min fill


Full Set Hybrid

  • $125 • 2.5 hrs

Hybrid Fill

  • $70 fill


  • Enjoy up to three weeks to fill your original set for all sets of extensions except the Half Set.  Half Set classic fills require a two week fill. After 3 weeks, a fill will be allotted to 60 minutes. After 4 weeks, you will be charged a new set. Fills are unlimited!  NOTE: We are unable to fill other technicians work.


A lash lift curls your natural lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length.  This service is great for vacations, its low maintenance and last about 6-8 weeks 

  • $95  includes tinting / 1 hour


Similar to a Lash Lift, this is a perm for your brows as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time.  The setting lotion help the brow hair stay brushed up and lifted for up to 4 weeks.  

  • $70


Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail hardening treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of your natural nails. It can be applied directly to your nail and works to protect your nails while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow. Nail treatments with Bio Sculpture Gel preserves the health of your nails and will produce natural-looking, glossy nails, which are strong and flexible.

The fast facts about bio sculpture nails and the health benefits.

  • Bio Sculpture Products are 100% free from phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde and MMA.

  • No dehydrating primers or bonders used.

  • Strengthens, conditions and protects the natural nail.

  • Removal is quick and easy.

  • No damage to the natural nail.

Price List:

  • Bio Sculpture Gel Clear – $50

  • Bio Sculpture Gel Color/French – $55

  • Gel Manicure Clear – $35

  • Gel Manicure Color/French – $40

  • Gel Removal from – $20

  • Nail Repairs (per nail) – $5


  • Pedicure $48

  • Gel Pedicure $65

  • Gel Manicure $40

  • Manicure $30

  • Add paraffin $11


Full colour or add highlights. We have expertise with full foils, partial foils, low lights, highlights, ombre, balayage, grey coverage and colour corrections.

We choose the Davines hair colour line because we believe it is the very best quality product with low toxicity and amazing results. To complete your treatment, we use a range of the Davines 'More Inside' styling aids. 



By incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies, our laser hair removal  allows us to treat all ranges of our clients and hair types and administer treatments quickly and comfortably to achieve the best possible clinical results. Permanent reduction in hair regrowth defined as a long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6, 9 and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regime. We offer you the treatments you need based on the type of hair, skin and personal goals for hair removal. Each person will have a slightly different requirement for each area we treat, so we consult with you and give you a full explanation on what it will take for you to de-fuzz!

Prices listed are for each treatment. We will do a consultation prior to treatment to discuss your own personalized requirements, and prices may vary based on your customized treatment or other requests.  Click HERE for pre and post treatment care. 


  • Full Face: $90

  • Upper Lip: $35

  • Chin $45

  • Sideburns $45

  • Half Arms $115

  • Full Arms $180+

  • Under Arms $45

  • Half Legs $180+

  • Full Legs $225+

  • Bikini Line $70

  • Brazilian $120+

  • Full Front $225+

  • Full Back $225+

  • Full Body $1000+




If you’re happier to wax, we can take care of you. We offer treatments for most areas of the face and body that will keep you smooth and sleek all over. BERODIN hard wax is gentle on the skin and strong for hair removal. This low temperature wax stays flexible and is not as sticky as traditional waxes. It allows for low temperature speed waxing of a large area and leaves no residue.


We offer this intricate treatment to shape and define beautiful brows to enhance your facial structure and features.


  • Full Face Wax – $45

  • Brow Wax – $18

  • Brow Thread – $18

  • Lip or Chin Wax – $12

  • Lip or Chin Thread – $12

  • Underarms – $18

  • Half Arm – $35

  • Full Arm – $50

  • Bikini – $30

  • Brazillian – $50

  • Half Lower Leg – $40

  • Half Upper Leg – $45

  • Full Leg – $70

  • Back Wax / Chest Wax + Stomach – $50


  • Brow Tint – $18

  • Lash Tint – $25


Cozy up in our heated bed for a relaxing facial treatment. We use Eminence Organic Skincare in all our facials!  

  • Express Facial - 30 min $55

    • Cleanser, toner, exfoliant, masking and moisturizer with a neck & shoulder massage.​

  • Rejuvenating Facial - 60min  $90

    • Customized to your skin type, enjoy this relaxing facial with luscious products.  Includes facial massage and neck & shoulder massage.​

  • Arctic Berry Facial  - 30mins $60

    • Transform the appearance of your skin with the all powerful daily moisturizer that features exclusive Peptide Illuminating Complex.  Expereince soft, radiant and glowing skin after this treatment. ​


A treatment that involves a deeper exfoliation than in your regular facial. A wand is used over the face, neck and decollete to remove impurities, blackheads and dead skin cells, followed by a smoothing wand to maintain the skins smooth surface.  

  • 45 min - $90


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