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New protocols for guests: 

  •  Face masks will be mandatory for our guests as well as staff. Please wear one upon entering. If you do not have one, we will provide you a disposable mask for a fee. We will do our best to avoid getting hair color on them.

  •  Please arrive to your appointment alone. Due to social distancing, we will need to keep occupancy at a minimum. No other guests will be allowed in the salon, unless you are accompanying a child or someone who needs assistance.

  •  Magazines and beverages will no longer be provided, however, we do have WIFI. Please refrain from bringing food into the salon, you may bring in your own beverage as long as it has a lid.

  •  NO SHOWS will be charged full price of their appointment in order to book again. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. 

  • Cashless payments (card or e-transfer) will be our preferred methods of payment. 

  • We will be unable to accept walk ins, this includes product purchases, however, you can send us an email or phone us and we will arrange a time for pick up. 

  • · All guests will be required to sanitize their hands as well as any phones or devices upon entering the salon.  We will have a table at the door with wipes and sanitizer. 

  • We ask that all guests bring minimal personal belongings into the salon, however, we will provide a closed bin to place your belongings in. 


Protocols for employees:


  •  Upon your arrival, employees will all have their hands, stations, equipment and tools sanitized and disinfected.

  •  After your appointment is complete, all employees will be repeating the sanitizing and disinfecting process.

  •  Barbicide, CS20, PREempt solutions, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers will be our methods of sanitation.

  •  All towels, sheets and capes will be changed after each client. All surfaces will be sprayed and wiped with PREempt surface cleaner and disinfectant.

  •  All door handles and high traffic areas will be cleaned and disinfected after each client.

  •  Washrooms and staff room will be cleaned and disinfected hourly.

  •  All employees will be wearing washable face masks and changed as often as needed.

  •  All employees have taken extended courses in sanitization and disinfection.

Protocols in the salon:


  •  Locks and Lashes has a large and wide enough surface area to accommodate guests with the suggestions of WorkSafe BC.

  •  Areas that cannot accommodate 2 meters will have a recommended barrier to separate the area to keep social distancing in affect.

  •  There will be a barrier at the reception desk, hair sinks and manicure table.

  •  All employees have made a commitment to each other and all of our guests to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can. We will take symptoms VERY seriously. If we feel a guest isn’t well or shows ANY symptoms, we will ask the guest to leave and rebook their appointment for a later time.

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