Preparing for Prom: Top Trends to Look Your Very Best at Grad

Apr 09, 2015


Eyes, Make-up


mirabellaYou’ve found the perfect dress; now what look will suit you and your dress perfectly? There are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself: What is the colour of your dress? What is the shape of your eyes and face? What kind of make-up (if any) do you usually wear? You should look like you, just your best self! If you seldom wear make-up, this might not be the time to try out a dark smoky eye.

Here are some general rules:

  1. Your hair and make-up should be based on your dress.
  1. Play up either your eyes or your mouth. Deep vibrant red and pink lips are very trendy but be sure to keep your eyes soft and simple.
  1. False lashes or lash extensions are great! They’ll make your eyes pop, add a flare of formal and look fantastic in photographs. Lashes come in all sizes, so you may opt for dramatic or subtle.
  1. Pick the right foundation. Focus on even skin tone and covering imperfections without overdoing it. Watch the shade though – too dark and you’ll look like an Oompa Loompa and too light and you’ll look like a ghost. Make sure to blend your foundation right down into the neck.
  1. Set your make-up with powder. This will ensure it stays put all night and avoid getting oily.
  1. You can mimic a look, but not a person. If you bring in a photograph for your make-up artist to mimic, make sure they have the same shape/colour of your eyes, skin tone and structure. Even the best make-up artist can’t turn you into another person.
  1. If you get your make-up done for the big day, make sure to purchase your lip colour so you can re-apply throughout the evening.

Top 4 Trends this season:

  1. Sweet and Sultry — using pinks, plums and a touch of charcoal, paired with a slight dusting of a rosy cheek and pale gloss. Pairs great with pastel, neutral and metallic shades of dresses.
  1. Vintage Flashback — The 60’s mod re-visited. A clean face with neutral, understated eye shadows and a dramatic black winged liner. Can be worn with almost any dress.
  1. Bright Colour — A bright bold and defined lip, with little eye shadow.
  1. Lady in Red — A bold red lip paired with a smoky eye. (A smoky eye is a style of application. Although often paired with darker shades, it looks great in soft shades as well). Choose a red that will work flawlessly with your skin tone. Matching red lips and nails can look a bit vampy, if you choose to do so, ensure it is the exact same shade of red. But best to go with a light neutral colour or a dark non-rouge hue.

Well, now that you look your best, be safe and have a great night!

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