Everything You Need to Know About Bio Sculpture Gel on Fingers

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The Fast Facts about the Health Benefits…

  • Bio Sculpture Products are 100{808eaec81f256f5ccde6b1300adbadd7b93e59c8755da79bdc89707b4f682cdc} free from phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde and MMA.
  • No dehydrating primers or bonders used.
  • The only nail company internationally to receive a Five Star Safety Rating.
  • Strengthens, conditions and protects the natural nail.
  • No dust, no odours, no fumes
  • Removal is quick and easy.
  • No damage to the natural nail.

The Product Benefits…

  • The inventors of the first everlasting manicure and soakable gel.
  • All-in-one system that allows nails to be extended, sculpted, built and corrected.
  • Suitable for all nail types and conditions.
  • Bio Sculpture Gel is only available to certified Nail Technicians and Estheticians.
  • Not tested on animals.

The Beauty Benefits…

  • Over 180 fashionable Gel Colors.
  • Manicures that last up to 4 weeks, pedicures that last 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Non-chip, smudge-proof, extra shiny and fade-resistant.
  • Dries instantly under LED-UV or FL-UV light.
  • Thin, strong and flexible.
  • Natural-looking gel extensions.

How does Bio Sculpture Gel work?

Bio Sculpture is applied directly over the natural nail, much like a polish and mimics the natural movements and flexibility of your nails, keeping nails perfectly protected with a non-chip, shiny colour finish.

Keep Yourself Informed…

The Bio Sculpture Lamps have been tested by The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. The Safety Agency confirmed Bio Sculpture lamps are safe to use for the curing of Bio Sculpture nails, providing that each session does not exceed 75 minutes. Considering Bio Sculpture Gel cures in 2 minutes with UV lamps and 30 seconds with LED lamps, well you can do the math…

The UV vs. LED debate…

The Markova study (a series of UV nail lamp tests recently published by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and discussed by Daniel J. DeNoon at WebMD Health News) shared their findings which concluded that UV nail lamps are safe for over 250 years of weekly manicures. The study found that a person would need to use a UV nail lamp for ten minutes at a time (five times the length needed to cure a Bio Sculpture manicure) for over 13,000 sessions to equal the UV radiation thought of to be a considerable risk.

Even though there is a low likelihood that using UV nail lamps will result in skin cancer, it is important to be aware that there are viable alternatives that pose a lower risk to your health.

Meet LED: The Light Emitting Diode. LED is a low energy bulb with the capacity to produce small amounts of light. It dries nails faster reducing the dose of UV radiation. When tested in the Markova study, researchers found that a person would need over 40,000 ten minute sessions under an LED nail lamp thought to be a considerable risk. This would be the equivalent of getting a gel manicure once a week for over 769 years. (UV vs. LED) Elizabeth K. Hale, MD, and Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation states on the organization’s website nail lights that emit LED light are not dangerous.

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