The Beauty of Your Big Day: Tips for Looking Your Bridal Best

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9 Tips to save you time, stress and guarantee you look nothing short of stunning on your wedding day.

  1. Look like yourself only better.  If you wear little makeup in your regular life, your wedding day is not the day to try out a bold, dramatic, smoky eye.  You should look like you, only enhanced.  Never wear your hair up?  Maybe re-think that up-do.
  2. Schedule a hair & make-up trial 3 – 5 weeks ahead.  The weather conditions should be roughly the same, as should the conditions of your skin.  Planning on a spray tan?  Have a test run before your trial.  Your wedding day is not the day for surprises.
  3. Do your research.  Print out and bring photos to leave with your stylist of what you like and don’t like.  When picking your favourites, make sure the model has similar colouring and bone structure to yourself to ensure the look will translate.  Also bring in a photo of your gown to ensure your hair/make-up suits the style of the dress.  Bring any hair accessories you plan to use.
  4. After your trial take photographs from every angle and in many types of light to see how you will look in photographs and to your guests.  Spend the day with your hair and make-up done to ensure it will hold up the day of the wedding.
  5. Ask your stylist when they would prefer you to wash your hair prior to the event.  They will know what time span will allow for a balanced hair texture.
  6. Do de-fuzz… but no less than 48 hours before the big day.  Eyebrows may seem insignificant but the shape of your brows can actually change your entire face.  Keep the brow shape classic and as close to your natural growth pattern as possible.  Be aware the artist may darken or pencil your brows in.  You don’t want your eyebrows disappearing in your wedding photos.
  7. Exfoliate your face and neck once or twice a week in the months prior to the wedding.  If finances allow, schedule several facials starting 6 weeks before the wedding up until no less than five days beforehand.  Allow adequate time for your skin to calm down.
  8. Make your hair and make-up appointments as close to the event time as possible without running late.  Be sure your face is thoroughly cleansed and properly moisturized and wear a button up style shirt.
  9. Be honest with your stylist about your expectations.  Ask your stylist their opinion.  Keep in mind they have many objectives:  how you look in person, in photographs, what will work for natural and artificial light, how it will look from day to night.  Plus what brings out our best features and the style of your hair and gown.  Speak up if you don’t love it!  The object is for you to leave happy and looking your absolute best.
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