The Pros & Cons of Threading Vs. Waxing

Jun 02, 2015




waxing vs threadingI recently had a debate with a friend about which was better; threading or waxing. She claimed that waxing was better, it provided cleaner lines for her brows and hurt less than threading. I found the opposite to be true for brows. So I set out to do some research about unwanted facial hair. What are the pros and cons of threading versus waxing?

What is threading? Threading is an ancient hair removal process which is fast becoming one of the most popular. It is safe, quick, natural and uses no chemicals. It can only be described as an art. The practitioner uses two long entwined pieces of 100{808eaec81f256f5ccde6b1300adbadd7b93e59c8755da79bdc89707b4f682cdc} cotton thread and expertly wraps them around unwanted hair, removing hair from the root of the follicle in one clean movement.

My research however proved less clean in its answers, in fact it was quite contradictory. One article would boast threading as better: Cleaner lines, lasts longer, less painful and a quicker process. The next would argue the same points for waxing. Personally, I found both threading and waxing lasts about the same amount of time (based on your own personal hair growth cycle). I didn’t find either one to take substantially longer than the other and quite frankly they both hurt. (If you find a way to remove hair from the root that doesn’t induce some pain, please let me know!) Threading can be slightly cheaper but not by a difference that would break the bank.

I’ve heard it speculated that over time waxing brows can ruin the elasticity of the upper eyelid. I found nothing to support such a claim. Many articles did state that those taking acne medication or who have rosacea or sensitive skin are ill-advised to wax. So for those folks threading may be the obvious answer. I’ve also heard it said that for those with thin skin threading can leave blood blisters. And those of you who have light coloured hair of a ‘peach fuzz’ variety, waxing will ensure that all of the unwanted hair is gone instead of just what can be ‘seen’.

So in conclusion, try ‘em both and see what you like best. I leave it to your personal preference to decide.

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