Good bye winter, hello Spring 2013!!

mirabella at locks and lashes

Nothing says good bye to grey skies for me like an array of rainbow colours!

The colours to watch out for? Blue’s, purples, oranges, pinks, greens and yellows enriched with amazing pigments, or diluted and toned down colours. This applies to all areas of the beauty and fashion industry. What are the experts saying? Anything goes, as long as it has colour!

At Locks & Lashes Hair and Beauty Salon, get an everlasting manicure with Bio Sculpture’s new ‘Hollywood’ Collection, which consists of pastel colours inspired by the glamour of the 1950’s. This collection is chic, opulent and ever so stylish!

Once you’ve taken care of your digits, sit back, soak your feet and take a trip to Europe with OPI’s Euro Centrale Collection. This collection is bright, muted and it’s everything in between! What do I love about it? There’s a colour for everyone!

Mirabella just came out with their new 2013 Collection, the Neon Muse, the name says it all. Blue and green mascaras and pink and tangerine pigments…from eyes to lips to cheeks, Mirabella has got you covered in colour.

Spring 2013 colour trends for beauty and fashion is the perfect ending to our dull and rainy days!

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