A Spooky Thought, Part I

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Halloween is soon approaching and as you prepare to costume your lil’ ghouls and goblins for trick-or-treating or yourself for your own frightening festivities, take a moment to consider this spine-chilling thought: Do you know how old your make-up is?

This is an eerie question as after time our favourite products can act as a breeding ground for bacteria. In the best case scenario, expired products will just stop working; however they can also cause irritation, allergic reactions and infection. To avoid breeding these unwanted bugs, best to keep make-up and applicators out of moist environments (like bathrooms) and higher temperatures.

Recently, I was staying with my 16 year old niece and in true slumber party style we were painting our nails. As she brought out her plethora of nail colours (a compilation of what I can only assume was largely donated by myself and her mother) I recognized a few archaic gems. Now, I’ve heard of nail polish being referred to as the “Twinkie” of the make-up world, lasting forever with little risk of forming bacteria. That being said, when the consistency becomes thick or clumpy or when the colours separate and the pigments will not blend back together when shaken, it’s time to send it to that big beauty salon in the sky.

Let’s break it down. Your skin’s natural oils carry bacteria to the surface to be cleaned away but some of that oil stays behind.  Applying a product to your face and then putting the brush back into said product, to re-apply will contaminate it with both the oils from your face and their bacteria.  So the longer you use a product, the easier it is for bacteria or fungi to get into your make-up.  Rest assured, when you get come in to Locks & Lashes to get your make-up done, both the brushes and the Mirabella products are sterilized between each client.

This promptly prompted me to do some research as to how long one should hold on to beauty supplies. Many make-up products now come with handy guidelines. The open jar symbol is a good directive as to a product’s shelf life in months after opening. But many products do not come with such instruction. So, what is the general rule with your most common beauty products? In Part Two of my Spooky Thought I will talk in details about concealers, powders/blushes/bronzers, eye liners, eye shadows, foundations and more.

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