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Sep 26, 2013




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by Anne-Marie de la Giroday      

Labour Day has officially come and gone and with it brings the unofficial end of summer.  Goodbye to the warm days of sunshine and the patio bevies that accompany them.  But there is a silver lining, my friends… the fall fashion season has arrived!

The combination of autumn colour trends – rich, earthy hues of burnt golds, burgundy wines, army greens and chocolate browns provide an incredible contrast to the black and white colour blocking and patterning.  Blending these trends with fitted silhouettes, broad shoulders and masculine vintage style suits creates a recipe on the catwalk to rival the red carpet days of old.

Hair styles are following suit offering a retro throwback.  Remember the Oscars last spring?  Many of these young starlets donned the soft romantic waves and curls of pin-up Hollywood glam.  But these looks are no longer solely for nights of golden statues and red carpets but are being re-introduced to accompany everyday wear.

Luckily for those of us who do not have personal stylists to beautify us every morning this is a very simple look to do.  If your hair doesn’t hold curl well, apply a texturizing product before curling, I recommend EVO’s Mr. Fantastic Texture Spray.  Separate your hair into large sections leaving the crown to do last.  Spray hair with a good finishing spray that will brush out well, I prefer to use EVO’s Builders Paradise and curl 2” inch pieces with a 1” curling iron and pin them to your head horizontally to let them set.  (This is also a good trick if your hair doesn’t curl especially well).  Moving on to the crown area, be careful to curl the hair on each side of your part in the same direction, curling away from your part.  Spray again and let set a few minutes.  Remove the pins and brush out with a large round or big barrel brush, carefully brushing the curls around your hand.

Continue your look with a dramatic smokey eye.  A smokey eye can be done with ANY colour combination.  All that a smokey eye implies is that the colour from the crease above the lid continues down to below the eye.  For a simple smokey eye, choose three shadow colours:  a neutral lighter colour (Mirabella’s Tone), a deep rich colour (Mirabella’s Vintage) and a mid-range between the two (Mirabella’s Façade).  Take the mid-range colour (Façade) and use it as a base on the lid and above the crease to about halfway between the crease and brow, while angling up from the inside corner of the eye to the outside edge of the brow. Use the lighter neutral tone for the lid.  Using the accent colour (Vintage), blend upwards from the outside corner of each eye and along the crease, then follow below they eye, thinly at the lash line.  Follow up using the mid-range colour (Façade) to blend it all together.  It is always better to start small and build to a more dramatic look by making the accent darker and angling higher to the brow and thicker along the lash line.

Complete the look with a black, bold winged liner.  I find Mirabella’s Magic Marker is ideal for building flawless, sharp, clean lines.  Build the liner, creating a base from the inside of the eye, starting thinly along the lash line.  To create the winged flick, angle the liner from the outside of the eye toward the outside of the brow.  Build the thickness of the line angling to the top of the winged flick.  Finish the look with a luscious deep red matte lip or stain such as Mirabella’s Caught Red Handed Lipstick.  Now, grab a camera, you’re ready for your close up!

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