What are bio sculpture nails and why are they better than traditional acrylic nails?

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Bio Sculpture Nails

Bio sculpture nails are done with the application of Bio Sculpture Gel which strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. It is applied onto a natural nail, tip or gel extension. The gel cures under a UV light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish.

Beautiful, natural looking, flexible but strong gel nail extensions can be created using bio sculpting gel. Solid sculptures can be created with Bio Sculpture Free-Edge Gel. Gel nail extensions can be created with either a paper form or free-form gel extension methods. Bio Sculpture Gel nail extensions will not crack, tear or splinter and are great for nail biters.

At Locks & Lashes we don’t add tips to the nails, we encourage the growth of the natural nails. If the client chooses, we will apply bio sculpture on top of gels and acrylics, after the nails have been prepped as much as possible, to help our clients grow out the old gel and transition them into bio sculpture nails. The nails usually last 3 weeks or longer depending on personal lifestyle. We also don’t fill these nails. Instead, we take the gel off to allow clients to see the health of their natural nails underneath the gel. We then apply a whole new set so your nails are always fresh and clean.

A note of caution, there is a big difference between Bio Sculpture Gel and other gel products. It is the only gel to receive a 5-star rating. Make sure your nail salon is using the authentic brand because there are many imitation products out there. You may also want to ask your nail technician, if he/she has gone through the “Bio Sculpture Certification Course”, to ensure you’re receiving the value Bio Sculpture Canada guarantees, from using their products.

At Locks & Lashes we don’t use imitation or substitute gels to create your bio sculpture nails and Nav is a certified Bio Sculpture technician.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic is a hard, thick plastic substance which can be applied over the natural nail or tips. Most nail techs use a primer or bonder on the nail which literally eats into the surface of your nail to create a rough surface so the acrylic will stick to the nail. Acrylics are hard and inflexible. Due to the hardness of acrylics, daily wear and tear can cause chipping and breakage, and most of the time your natural nail is damaged. If you apply more acrylic on top to fix the nail, you keep damaging the natural nail and it doesn’t have the chance to repair itself.

Constant use of the primer/bonder and the suffocating effect of the acrylic on your nail will damage your natural nail plate leaving you with very thin, damaged nails that will take months to grow back to the healthy nails you had before the acrylics were put on. Also, the smell is so unpleasant and over powering and probably not very good for your health.

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    Hello. Just wondering if you can further explain the difference as well as pros/cons of Bio Gel versus UV Gels.


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